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January 7, 2010

Vietnam Still Attracts Foreign Investors

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In 2009, with appropriate policies and the potential of its economy, Vietnam attracted many foreign groups, companies and associations despite numerous difficulties caused by the global economic crisis. They came to Vietnam to look for business opportunities.

Vietnam investment

Anh 1%5B1%5D. Ong Muhtar Kent . Vietnam Still Attracts Foreign InvestorsMuhtar Kent, chairman of the board and general director of the Coca-Cola Group (USA):
Vietnam has a large population and most Vietnamese people can afford to buy our products. We see in the Vietnamese market many business opportunities. Presently, only five percent of Vietnam’s population is using our products but we believe this percentage will increase and in the future Vietnam will surely be one of the leading markets of Coca-Cola.
I’m satisfied with the business results we have achieved here in Vietnam in the past years, and for this reason, we are committed to having long-term investment here. We will invest an additional more than US$200 million in Vietnam to expand production and the distribution network. We will also buy more equipment and intensify marketing and human resource training activities here.
Anh 2%5B1%5D. Ong Phil MacLauri Vietnam Still Attracts Foreign InvestorsPhil MacLaurin, general director of Premier Oil Vietnam (UK):
The Premier Oil Group operates in the field of oil exploration and extraction in the UK. Premier Oil Vietnam has been operational for three years with total investment capital of US$70 million. The Vietnamese Government’s environmental protection commitments are encouraging us to expand our operations in Vietnam in the future. We have a plan to increase our investment in Vietnam to US$400 million in the next three years.
Anh 3%5B1%5D. Ong YUJI SEJIMAba Vietnam Still Attracts Foreign InvestorsYuji Sejima, general director of the Shikibo Group (Japan):

We will transfer to Vietnamese companies the technology to manufacture a kind of fabric named Flutect which can help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. This is a kind of specialized, high-quality fabric that is presented for the first time in the Vietnamese market. This transfer benefits Shikibo because it will help us reduce the production cost so that we can sell our products at more competitive prices. Favorable conditions for the transfer are that Vietnamese workers are capable to learn new technology and they are hard-working. In the future, Shikibo will move many of its factories from China to Vietnam.
Anh 4%5B1%5D. Ong Richard Tang  Vietnam Still Attracts Foreign InvestorsRichard Tang, president of the Taipei Computer Association – TCA (Chinese Taipei):
One important thing for Chinese Taipei’s companies is to find places where there are favorable conditions in terms of human resources, infrastructure, investment environment, tax and land, and Vietnam is one of the regional countries that they are interested in. However, several other countries in the region such as China, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are competing with Vietnam in attracting investment from Chinese Taipei. Therefore, Vietnam should refer to the conditions under which these countries attract investment so that it can take necessary actions to make it more attractive to Chinese Taipei’s investors. Vietnam has built the foundation for development in the field of information and communication technology, including the software technology, but it must improve the quality of human resources and offer foreign investors more preferences to encourage them to invest in Vietnam. Specifically, Vietnam must simplify administrative procedures and offer foreign investors more preferences in terms of tax and land.
Anh 3%5B1%5D. Ong YUJI SEJIMAba Vietnam Still Attracts Foreign InvestorsWilliam Lim, project director of MTA Vietnam 2009 (Singapore):
The Vietnamese industrial market us very large and the development potential of domestic mechanical companies remains unutilized. Vietnam has many advantages. It has a young population and Vietnamese workers are very hard-working. As one of its members, Vietnam has many commitments with the World Trade Organization (WTO). It is accelerating administrative reform and modernizing the Commercial Law. Aware of such advantages and potential, global mechanical manufacturers are seeking opportunities to develop their business in Vietnam.
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