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March 30, 2009

ORC Worldwide announces list of the weakest working environment 032209

VNBusinessNews – US Business Week magazine has declared the list of cities with the weakest working environment in the world. In which, Vietnam’s HCM City and Hanoi stood at 9 and 11th position among 55 cities.

The list was made by ORC Worldwide (ORC), a leading international HR consulting and management firm headquartered in New York.

Notably, all 55 cities are outside US, Canada and Western Europe, which belong to Africa region, India, China, south-eastern Asia region, Middle East and Central Europe.

The ranking list bases on environmental pollution, disease risk, political violence, comfort on goods and services, the classification of high risks that the labour have to suffer.

The list does not regard on the isolate sites where wars usually brake out, such as Iraq’s Baghdad, Zimbabwe’s Harare or North Korea.

Leading the list of cities with the weakest working environment is Nigeria’s Lagos capital due to the weak infrastructure and rising criminal.

HCM City and Hanoi are assessed to be the highly potential risky. Problems that foreign workers living here have to suffer are disease risks and hygiene, climate, environmental pollution and criminal, according to ORC Worldwide.

Indonesia’s Jakarta also was in top 20 of the ranking list, followed by China’s five cities, India’s four cities of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore

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